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The following homes have gardens that are either part of the NGS or are open to the public at certain times during the year.
Test Bed and Breakfast, REF 9999
Brochure Ref: 100

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The Ridges, CHORLEY Ref: 0352
Brochure Ref: 0352

Large house set in beautiful gardens NORTHERN > Chorley (1.5 miles) and 12 from Preston John and Barbara look after you in a lovely old mill-owner’s house built in the 1700s. It is surrounded by lovely extensive gardens and woodlands, and is situated just below the West Pennine hills. Traditional bedrooms have pale colours, flowery …

Torbeag House, FORT WILLIAM Ref: 0451
Brochure Ref: 0451

Deluxe accommodation in spacious modern home with panoramic views of Ben Nevis and Great Glen.

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